Exhibition areas and fees

SHG Music Show, the most long-lived and famous Italian event for the active musicians is a flagship event of Milan Music Week. The new location downtown Milan is an important added value: easily accessible by public transport, it is served by several car parks, to guarantee unprecedented audience. The prices of the display solutions have decreased from 20% to 30% compared to the 2019 edition.

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Display solutions

  • solution 1 table – exhibition front of about 3 meters – 2 exhibitor passes – € 250 + VAT
  • solution 2 tables – exhibition front of about 6 meters – 3 exhibitor passes – € 350 + VAT
  • solution 6 tables – 3 exhibitor passes – € 700 + VAT
  • solution 8 tables – 4 exhibitor passes – € 950 + VAT
  • solution 12 tables – 6 exhibitor passes – € 1,400 + VAT
  • 20 rooms equipped with video projectors and audio systems, to be reserved exclusively or shared – from € 1000

All the display solutions include chairs, electrical connection, quotation on the website and video interview broadcast all the media of ACCORDO.

Hosted exhibitors
The hospitality of third-party companies by the exhibitors in their space must be declared during the space booking phase and approved by the organizers. The hosted company is subject to the payment of the participation fee of € 150 + VAT and will enjoy the same visibility as the exhibitors.

Exhibitor passes
Supplied in the quantities indicated, allow access to the exhibition spaces starting from the set-up time on Friday 20 November. Additional exhibitor passes may be requested during registration and will be billed at a cost of € 20 + VAT each. The sale of exhibitor passes will be closed on November 15, 2020.

Artist passes
The artist passes are reserved exclusively for the artists who must perform at the event. They allow access for both days during public opening hours. They are nominal and must be requested by the exhibitors sending the list of names by November 15, 2020.

Discounted guest tickets
Exhibitors can purchase discounted entry ticket packages for their guests.

  • packages of 10 tickets € 80 + VAT
  • packages of 20 tickets € 150 + VAT

For any clarification, you can write to eventi@ordo.it