Vintage Fender guitars
A review of very rare vintage instruments, never exhibited before. The very first Broadcaster and Stratocaster, examples of the ’50s and ’60s in rare custom color, lap steel, basses and amplifiers from the early days of the company destined to change the music. Some of these instruments will be on stage to reconstruct the voice of the past and understand their value even today, in the most modern declinations of pop and rock.

The genius of Wandré
Idolized in the rest of the world much more than in Italy, Antonio Wandré Pioli was one of the greatest talents in the history of electric guitar. He was a guest at SHG in 1997, where he created an impromptu work of art. A quarter of years later, his guitars – whose prices are growing at a dizzying pace – are back in Milan to be admired and played on the stage of SHG Music Show. More than 50 extremely rare instruments, created by the genius Pioli, collected, catalogued, preserved and restored by the group of “Wandré’s partisans”.

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