The calendar of events will be very rich and will focus on the musical instrument, in all its roles and reasons for being, to bring it to life on stage in the hands of music professionals. The lineup of demos and demonstrations, organized in collaboration with the exhibiting companies, will be published at the beginning of November.

In the meantime, we confirm three exclusive and wide-ranging initiatives, precious added values for SHG Music Show visitors. We remind you that live participation will be limited in accordance with the rules-Covid. VIP pass holders will have guaranteed access.

Jump beyond!
The social and structural context places limits on the free physical, intellectual and artistic expression of people with disabilities. Music provides extraordinary opportunities to enhance differences and talents. This subject will be discussed in a meeting played and spoken with the participation of Simone Fanti, journalist for Corriere della Sera, Simone Longoni, musician, who has been involved in this issue for years, and Alberto Biraghi, founder of Accordo.

Vintage guitars yesterday and today
At the Accordo stand, there will be an exhibition of very rare and valuable vintage instruments, never exhibited before. Two well-known professionals will bring these instruments on stage to both reconstruct the inimitable original voice of the era, and to highlight their value in the most modern forms of pop and rock. Two unmissable workshops.

The genius of Wandré
Idolized throughout the guitar world, Antonio Wandré Pioli was one of the greatest talents in the history of electric guitar. A visionary artist and brilliant inventor, Wandré was able to mix unusual materials, mechanics, art and design to transform the electric guitar into a work of pop art. Wandré was a guest at SHG in 1991, where he created an impromptu work of art by painting a double bass. His masterpiece-guitars will be back at SHG Music Show Milano, where there will be a large exhibition of very rare Wandré instruments, which visitors can admire and even play with the advice of the group of enthusiasts who have been keeping Antonio Pioli’s memory alive for years. Some of these magnificent Wandré will also be brought on stage, narrated by Marco Ballestri and played by a dear friend of Accordo and SHG Music Show, one of the most famous Italian guitarists.