Total safety

The organization has put the safety of exhibitors, visitors and staff first. The layout of the halls and routes are designed to ensure spacing.

Access is not permitted with temperatures above 37.5°. If visitors experience symptoms of respiratory infection from COVID – 19 they must comply with legal requirements.

To access the event, exhibitors and visitors must show their Green Pass and an ID.

A mask must be worn at all times within the event so that it covers the nose and mouth. 

All major events will be recorded and streamed on screens located in rooms where spacing can be respected, to give everyone the opportunity to follow them even if the maximum capacity is reached in the areas of the stages.

It is forbidden to smoke in indoor and outdoor areas.

It is compulsory to respect the established tour route and the indications given in the spaces

It is compulsory to deposit helmets, bags and other objects larger than 20x15x10cm at the checkroom

Visitors are advised to clean their hands frequently, not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth, cover their mouth and nose if they sneeze or cough, wash their hands after sneezing or coughing.

Visitors are encouraged to use alcohol-based sanitizing solutions available in the dispensers.

Applicable regulations will be followed on event days.