Our values

SHG Music Show is an event dedicated to modern musical instruments, a container of events and exhibitions designed for musicians by musicians. Now in its thirtieth year, the event is a point of reference for all musicians, from amateurs to professionals and insiders, the only event of international scope able to reach all music lovers.

Born in 1992 as “SHG” (acronym for Second Hand Guitars), a market-exhibition dedicated to the guitar, the event has been opened over time to other instruments and to the world of audio and recording.

The original spirit of market-exhibition, a distinctive feature of the event, still exists and is highlighted by the presence of stores and the Second Hand Market area for the sale-exchange reserved for private individuals.
SHG Music Show is an endless parade of musical instruments: from the latest in the market to the “vintage” that made rock history. The exhibition occupies an area of about 9,000 square meters, including common areas and exclusive rooms, where the craft realities of excellence, stores, collectors, luthiers and publishers offer their products alongside distributors and national and international manufacturers.

Visitors can see and try the latest products, discover rare collectors’ pieces, touch, play and buy the instrument of their dreams. Acoustically insulated rooms are available for rehearsals and the stands are equipped with amplification and soundproof boxes.

Live music populates and animates SHG Music Show. The rich exhibition is complemented by an equally rich program of events, workshops and demos that takes place throughout the show and bring on different stages the best national musicians and instrumentalists and international stars.
SHG Music Show enhances the importance of music making on two levels.

On a socio-cultural level it promotes the study and practice of music as an activity of personal and cultural growth. On the socio-economic level it promotes the importance of buying consciously in the area, to support sales at real stores, the increase of enrollment at music schools, the birth of new talents and professionals in the field. It contributes to establish virtuous relationships between producers, distributors, companies and retailers: in many cases, companies and distributors present in their stands the new products that visitors will be able to buy at the stands of the retailers present at the fair. This feature, together with the possibility offered to private individuals to sell their used instruments, triggers a circular economy beneficial for the entire sector.

The event is organized by ACCORDO.IT, born in 1992 as a paper magazine to go online in 1997. Accordo is the most widely read magazine on musical instruments and didactics in Italy. It aggregates the largest and most qualified community of musicians to whom it makes available an archive of over 100,000 original articles on musical instruments, music and didactics. The editorial staff is composed by journalists