IMPORTANT! The logistics manager will contact all exhibitors in the weeks before the event to arrange arrival, unloading and set-up times and schedules.

Material sent by courier must be delivered on the date indicated in the document sent to exhibitors by the logistics manager.

Exhibitor passes
Exhibitor passes will be delivered by the reception staff upon arrival of the exhibitor Saturday morning. The bracelets must be worn immediately and kept for the two days of the event (they are washable). In case of abuse the passes will be withdrawn.

Loading – unloading
The road in front of the location will be reserved for us. Exhibitors will be allowed to stop for the time necessary to unload the material, then they will have to remove their car, taking it to the affiliated parking lot or in an area where parking it allowed.

To minimize the crush on the street, the logistics manager will assign each exhibitor a time slot for unloading materials and setting up, which can take place Friday or Saturday morning.

Sunday hours 6 PM – 10 PM

Goods must be picked up Monday hours 8 AM – 12 AM. A fee of € 200 will be charged for each half day of delay.

Logistic staff: