For more than 30 years at the side of music makers. Born in 1992 from an idea of the Accordo group, SHG Music Show is still pawing today defending its soul as a collective space dedicated to music lovers. SHG Music Show has the distinction of being the longest-running exhibition-event in Italy for discovering – and trying out – the latest in six-strings, vintage collectibles and rarities, but also for immersing oneself in live performances with musicians and artists, masterclasses and workshops.

For two days in 2023, the Fondazione Stelline (Milan) welcomed more than 100 brands, 150 instruments in the Second Hand Market area, 80 performances and a large Vintage Vault room populated by beautiful guitars of yesteryear. One-of-a-kind pieces, such as Alberto Radius’ Gibson or Fender guitars from the first year of production, alongside the finest works of artisan luthiers and major international distributors. This is SHG Music Show: a space to be experienced, where you are the protagonist.

The exclusive chance to hear live the guitars you dream of buying. SHG Music Show turns every single minute into an explosion of emotions thanks to the “music-making” of live performances. On stages and in private rooms, the passion for music comes alive in every note with two days of non-stop performances discovering the young promises of the guitar or in the company of the most prominent names in Italian music.

Buy, sell and trade between private individuals as in American guitar shows.
The event owes its name to the Second Hand Market space, the area reserved for buying and selling between private individuals. It is the historical element of SHG Music Show, a space for those who want to discover new sounds, learn about the history of other guitarists or collectors. It is open to all visitors, with no formalities and no commission on sales. Second Hand Market is the place for great bargains, where people buy and sell face-to-face as they do at star-studded guitar shows.

Opportunities to get involved live!
Not just the ‘big boys’ of the six strings: SHG Music Show is a brand that represents a cross-generational people and has always been able to renew itself. And that is why there is no shortage of spaces dedicated to young people. Training and education are at the heart of the event to guide music school students.