How to make your reservation

Chose the type of space that suits your needs and send an email to indicating the following data:

  • company name / name + surname if private individual without VAT number
  • name and surname of the contact person if company
  • telephone number of the contact person
  • registered office / home address if private individual without VAT number
  • VAT number if company
  • type of space chosen (if tables, indicate “electric” or “unplugged” area)
  • extra exhibitor / artist passes o services required?
  • any requests for demos on stage?
  • porterage service?

Within 24 hours we will send an email with the link to the subscription form. Check your data, insert the missing ones and submit it.

Make the transfer as indicated on indicated to:

  • srl c/o
  • Deutsche Bank – viale Misurata 65 – Milan
  • Iban IT91M0310401609000000821109 – BIC DEUTITM1472

NB: We do not accept Paypal payments.

There is no need to send the receipt of the bank transfer. As soon as the funds appear in our account we will issue the invoice as a receipt. Instructions on loading and unloading, passes, updates, etc. will be sent by the logistics manager in the weeks leading up to the event.

Hosted Exhibitors

The hosting of third party companies by the exhibitor in their own space must be declared when booking the space and approved by the organization. The hosted company is subject to payment of the participation fee of € 200 + VAT and will enjoy the same visibility as the exhibitors. Includes an exhibitor pass.

Silent zones or rehearsals allowed zones?

For table-based locations, on the registration form you can choose a location in the area where rehearsals are allowed according to the rules (“electric”, tables colored red on the map, upper floor, arranged in the large common rooms) or silent (“unplugged”, tables colored pink on the map, ground floor, where only acoustic instruments or headphone rehearsals are allowed) in the hallways. Those who exhibit in the “silent” areas will be able to have their amplified instruments rehearsed in adjacent rehearsal areas. We ask you to read carefully the rules of the event on this issue.

Exhibitor passes and tickets

Extra exhibitor passes: passes are sent to the email address indicated in the participation form in the defined quantities. They allow access from the time of the start of the set-up. Additional exhibitor passes must be requested during registration and will be invoiced at a cost of € 20 + VAT each. Exhibitor passes are numbered and inserted in advance for insurance reasons. It will not be possible to provide extra passes during the event.

Artist passes: these are reserved exclusively for artists who are to perform on the main stages. They are nominal and must be requested by the exhibitor by sending a list of names at least 15 days before the event. They allow access for both days during opening hours to the public. Artist passes are numbered and entered in advance for insurance reasons. Extra passes will not be provided during the event.

Complimentary tickets for guests

  • packages of 10 tickets valid for two days € 80 + VAT (instead of € 150)
  • packages of 20 tickets valid for two days € 140 + VAT (instead of € 300).