Place, date and time.The setting up, dismantling and execution of the event will take place in accordance with the schedule indicated on the event’s website. The organization reserves the right to change locations and timetables to meet their needs.

Registration and admission of exhibitors.The electronic entry form, the deposit and the balance of the fee must be sent in the manner and time agreed and shown on the website. The organization reserves the right not to admit an exhibitor that has not paid in full. The receipted invoice for the total fee will be issued by the company S.r.l. after receipt of the balance.

Allocation of the exhibition space.The position in the room is agreed with the exhibitor if included in the solution chosen, otherwise it is decided by the organization, which will take exhibitors’ needs into consideration as far as possible. The organization may change the position of the space allocated or vary the dimensions in the case of necessity, without the exhibitor having the right to a refund.

Sharing exhibitors. By agreement with the commercial managers of the event, the Exhibitor may accommodate other companies within their own space, which must register to be included in the catalogue and pay participation fees as a “guest company”.

Exhibitor passes. These are handed over on the arrival of the exhibitor, in the number indicated on the contract. Extra passes must be requested to the organization, will be issued upon availability and billed at the rate indicated on the price list. Passes are not transferable. In the case of abuse the pass will be withdrawn. Extra passes will not be available on the days of the event. Lost or damaged passes will be replaced at the price of € 50 + VAT or € 25 + IVA giving back the damaged pass.

Artist passes and guest tickets. The list of the names of the performing artists must be notified to the organization 15 days before the event  for approval and will be issued in the name of the exhibitor. Packs of tickets at a discount price are available for exhibitors who wish to invite guests.

Unload. Unloading must take place at times agreed with the logistics managers. Upon arrival at the entrance, the staff will provide the passes and indicate the unloading area. After unloading, Exhibitors must immediately remove their vehicle. It is prohibited to leave vehicles in the unloading area. Vehicles left in the unloading area will be removed by the organization with the related costs charged to the Exhibitor.

Shipping by courier. It is possible to send material on pallets or in closed boxes directly to the event venue at the address and in the ways communicated on completion of the registration procedure. Each Exhibitor shall be responsible for moving its own material from the warehouse to its exhibition area, using its own means. Each delivery must be notified to the organization at least seven days prior to the date of setting up.

Electricity. Electricity is provided if indicated in the description of the exhibition solution choice. The supply will be suspended during the event if the sound pressure level in the room exceeds the levels defined by the organization for the exhibition area concerned.

Rehearsing and test rooms. In some common spaces amplified instruments are allowed, with the purpose of testing them, only for short periods and in any case at a volume that allows conversation in the adjoining stand. Not allowed: setting up stages, amplification systems, executing performances executed on recorded bases or in groups.
In the “unplugged” spaces it is not permitted the use of amplified instruments and percussion. In case of abuse the surveillance service will cut off the supply of electricity to the exhibitor.

Use of the exhibition space. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage done to the facility.
The Exhibitor may exhibit and promote its own products and/or services or those it officially represents, which must be consistent with the objectives of the event and conform with the provisions of the law.
It is forbidden to hang posters, signs, and banners on the walls using adhesive tape, nails, tacks, etc.  Those who wish to show information material must use self-supporting stands.
It is forbidden to light fires and introduce hazardous or foul-smelling substances that may cause damage or annoyance.
It is forbidden to carry out any type of catering activity within the event.
Exhibitors who have chosen the rooms are responsible for complying with any applicable health regulations that are in effect on the days of the event.

Advertising. The distribution of catalogues, price lists or other promotional and information material can only be carried out within the exhibitor’s space. It is forbidden any promotional activity in the common areas.

Cancellation. In case of a cancellation, an Exhibitor who has confirmed his presence is required to pay the entire participation fee and any additional services, any taxes paid on their behalf, and for any damage suffered by the organization because of the cancellation.

Supervision and insurance. The participation fee does not include any insurance against theft suffered by the exhibitors. The organization provides a supervision service day and night of the areas occupied by the exhibition, without accepting any liability for loss or damage arising from unforeseeable circumstances to the goods on display in the exhibition spaces or lying anywhere in the area of the event. The protection and surveillance of exhibition spaces, both during the event and during the stages of loading, setting up and dismantling, are exclusively the responsibility of the Exhibitors, who are recommended to maintain a watchful presence in their exhibition space.

The end of the event. The departure of exhibitors is shown in the timetable indicated in the contract. It is not permitted to leave before the end of the event. The Exhibitor shall return the space in the conditions in which it was handed over. The exhibitor will be charged for any costs due to the disposal of any part of displays, packaging or residue of any kind and for the repair of any damage caused to the structures.

Requests for clarification and information should be sent to

Complaints and non-compliance.The signing of the entry form involves a commitment to accept and comply with every part of these Regulations. The organization reserves the right to suspend participation in the event and/or terminate the relationship with the Exhibitor in the event of non-compliance, without being obliged to return the fee paid and without prejudice to the right to demand reimbursement for any damage suffered.

Any disputes shall be under the jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.